1. Take the general entrance examination Mainly for foreign students studying in China, they study the curriculum system of ordinary high school in China, with domestic student status and high school graduation certificate. There is no difference with domestic students. For these groups, famous universities such as Peking University, RenminRead More →

The social insurance law clearly stipulates that “foreigners who are employed in China shall participate in social insurance with reference to the provisions of this law.” In recent years, with the development of international economy and trade and the expansion of China’s utilization of foreign capital, there are more andRead More →

No. Only Chinese citizens (including Chinese citizens in the permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region) and Taiwan residents can apply for registration as individual industrial and commercial households. Basis: “Regulations on Individual Businesses” (Order of the State Council No. 596) ForeignersRead More →

I. Basic application materials (1) Passport: the original passport with blank visa page and one copy of passport photo information page valid for more than 6 months. 2. Visa application form and photos: 1 visa application form of the people’s Republic of China and 1 recent, front, color (light background),Read More →

FIRST. Foreigners need to provide the following identity certificates when buying a house: (1) Hong Kong and Macao compatriots shall provide passports or resident identity cards of the Special Administrative Region and pass to and from the mainland; (2) Taiwan compatriots provide Taiwan cell card or confirmed identity certificate; (3)Read More →