1. The maintenance obligation is a statutory obligation and cannot be excluded or restricted by agreement. Although the maintenance method can be changed, it must not violate public order, good customs, and legal requirements. 2. The children artificially separated the two old people through separate agreements to support them separately,Read More →

According to the relevant laws of our country, step-parents and step-children who have formed a foster relationship shall be treated in accordance with parent-child relationship. Regardless of whether the biological child raises the step-parent, the step-child shall bear the responsibility of supporting the step-parent. Both the Marriage Law and theRead More →

According to the provisions of China s criminal law, the accomplices of group crimes should be lighter and less punished according to the circumstances of the crime. If the circumstances are relatively light, the criminal punishment can be exempted. 1. Criminals who play a secondary role in joint crime. ItRead More →

According to the relevant laws of China, both sons and daughters have the responsibility to support their parents. The responsibility for maintenance does not change due to their marital relationship. The responsibility for maintenance includes material supply and spiritual comfort. Article 14 The caregiver shall fulfill the obligations of providingRead More →

Where community correction personnel do need to change their place of residence due to changes in their residence, they should submit a written application one month in advance and submit the opinion to the county-level judicial administrative agency for approval after signing opinions. The county- level judicial administrative agency makesRead More →