In order to avoid any disputes after the marriage of their pre-marital property, many people will establish a pre-marital agreement before marriage to further protect their personal property through this agreement. But the prenuptial agreement needs to be notarized. So, where is the notarization? The contents of the agreement generallyRead More →

According to the relevant laws of our country, if the heirs have abused the heirs, they will lose the right of inheritance if the circumstances are serious. After losing the right of inheritance, they can no longer inherit the inheritance. Succession should not take place until the death of theRead More →

According to the provisions of the Marriage Law, invalid marriages include bigamy, kinship relationships that are forbidden to marry, etc., and false marriages are not classified as invalid marriages if they meet the marriage conditions. Article 12 [Invalidation of Marriage] An invalid or revoked marriage is void from the beginning.Read More →