Article 13: The share of the inheritance of the inheritors in the same order shall generally be equal. Inheritors who have special difficulties in living and who lack the ability to work should be taken care of when assigning inheritance. Heirs who have fulfilled their primary maintenance obligations or livedRead More →

Article 198 Under any of the following circumstances, if insurance fraud is carried out and the amount is large, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or detained, and fined not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 100,000 yuan; the amount mayRead More →

The Constitution, the Marriage Law, and related laws and regulations do not make specific provisions on the declaration of severance of parent-child relationship. Therefore, the statement of severance of parent-child relationship has no legal basis and is not protected by law. (2) The biological parents and children with blood relationshipRead More →