According to the provisions of China s criminal law, negligent crimes will not constitute recidivism. Only intentional crimes will constitute recidivism. In addition to intentional crime, certain conditions must be met to be considered a recidivism. Article 65 of China s Criminal Law stipulates that: Criminals who have been sentencedRead More →

Two people come together because of love, because of contradiction. Although lovers cant do it, dont become enemies. Peaceful breakup is the best way to deal with it, but after all, the relationship between the two people was so close and involved in various aspects, such as giving gifts toRead More →

The so-called pre-marital property notarization is an unmarried couple or a married couple agreeing on the ownership of the property before marriage and notarizing this agreement. The notary office will check whether the signing behavior and the agreement content of the two parties are true and legal. Can effectively protectRead More →

According to China s relevant laws, if a criminal suspect in custody is sentenced to probation, the court first changes the compulsory measures and immediately informs the public security organ. The public security organ immediately handles the release formalities. This period is generally within 24 hours. Article 134 The peopleRead More →