The subrogated heirs are inherited in the order of the subrogated heirs. In inheritance, the subrogated heir can only inherit the successor s share of the subrogated person. If there are more than two subrogated heirs, they shall be jointly inherited, and the successor s share of the subrogated personsRead More →

According to Article 258 of the Criminal Law, anyone who commits a crime of bigamy shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 2 years or detention. Detention is carried out by the public security organs at the nearest detention center, detention center or other supervision place. DuringRead More →

Jurisdiction of unit crimes Jurisdiction of unit crimes refers to acts that are liable to criminal responsibility for companies, enterprises, institutions, institutions, and organizations that endanger the society and legal requirements. Which judicial organ should file a case for prosecution and division of such cases Jurisdiction shall be based onRead More →