Subrogation and transfer of inheritance are two ways of inheritance in the legal inheritance system. Both have the fact that their children die. The inheritance of the heirs is obtained by the heirs of the heir. After all, there are two different inheritance systems, with fundamental differences. Subrogation inheritance isRead More →

1. The party provides his / her household registration book, identity card marriage certificate, written application for revocation of marriage, and proof materials that can prove the marriage under duress. The staff inspects the above-mentioned certificates and supporting materials. 2. The parties personally fill in the “Application for Cancellation ofRead More →

Subrogation inheritance refers to a system in which legal inheritance, in which the children of the heirs who have not lost the right of inheritance die before the heirs, is inherited by the descendants of the descendants of the children of the heirs to the inheritance of the inheritance rightsRead More →

According to the provisions of China s Criminal Procedure Law, if a person is framed for a joint crime by another person, the defender can be entrusted to defend it and take the initiative to collect evidence to prove that he is not guilty. Article 34 The criminal suspect hasRead More →