There are two types of gardens in ancient China. One is the royal garden, and the other is the private private garden. The royal garden is represented by the Summer Palace, and the Suzhou garden is a well-deserved representative of private gardens. Although the Summer Palace is the representative ofRead More →

There are many colored pottery unearthed in Banpo. Colored pottery is the most representative cultural type of Yangshao culture. The development of painted pottery experienced a process from pictographic pattern to geometric decorative pattern. This is exactly the development process of primitive painting from realism to freehand . Most ofRead More →

History of the development of ancient Chinese taxation system_History_Higher Education_Education Zone. The development history of the ancient Chinese taxation system 1. The taxation system before the Qin Dynasty During the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the tribute system was implemented, which was the embryonic form of taxation. During the SpringRead More →

China has a long history, splendid culture, many ethnic groups, and many differences in regional living culture. It has accumulated rich folk culture in a long history. It can be said that if you want to learn Chinese well, you must first learn Chinese culture; if you want to learnRead More →