1. Take the general entrance examination Mainly for foreign students studying in China, they study the curriculum system of ordinary high school in China, with domestic student status and high school graduation certificate. There is no difference with domestic students. For these groups, famous universities such as Peking University, RenminRead More →

In March 2019, iResearch China Alumni Association website officially released the 2019 China University Evaluation Research Report – college entrance examination volunteer filling guide (Alumni Association version), which was published by Science Press. According to the report, Peking University ranks first in China for 12 consecutive years, ranking among theRead More →

More than 10000 cities in the world are included in the list, with China accounting for 7 Among them, 2 are within 20, 4 are within 40 Among the most popular countries to study abroad, British cities are very outstanding The United States, with its famous schools, has no chanceRead More →

On the morning of November 14, the Organizing Committee of the 2019 China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference and the 21st Guangzhou Science and technology exchange conference of Chinese overseas students held a press conference in Beijing, announcing that the 2019 maritime Fair will be held in Guangzhou from December 18Read More →

On the morning of November 5, 51 international students from Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine came to our university to visit and perceive Chinese culture. In order to carry out the activity smoothly, the student volunteers of Chengde Medical College warmly welcomed the visiting international students. Wang Kaihua, PresidentRead More →