Burdening the life of the elderly is entirely the responsibility of the son, does the daughter have

According to the relevant laws of our country, the grandmother is the responsibility of the children, so it is not only the son s responsibility to pay the maintenance. The daughter also has the maintenance responsibility. If the daughter does not bear the maintenance responsibility , she can sue the daughter to the court.

Article 14 The caregiver shall perform his obligations of financial support, care and spiritual comfort to the elderly, and take care of the special needs of the elderly.

Parents have serious crimes against their children, such as committing killing, serious child abuse, abandoning children, or raping their daughter.

I need to point out that although an adult child without the ability to pay alimony can be exempted from the obligation to pay, the obligation to take care of life and spiritual comfort cannot be exempted.

1. Seek help from community workers. For the problem of unsupportive children, you can seek help from community workers, criticize and educate your children, and assist with community supervision.

2. File a civil lawsuit. The elderly can entrust lawyers to sue the court for the incomplete obligations of their children. The supporter does not perform the maintenance obligation, and the elderly have the right to require the supporter to pay maintenance.

3. Investigate criminal responsibility. For those who are old, young, sick, or otherwise unable to live independently, they have the obligation to support and refuse to support them. If the circumstances are bad, they shall be sentenced to or sentenced to five years in prison. Children who do not fulfill their maintenance obligations may constitute abandonment.

Alas, according to the relevant laws of our country, the elderly is the responsibility of the children, so the maintenance of alimony is not only the responsibility of the son. The daughter also has the responsibility of maintenance.

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