Can spouses agree on property

The property between husband and wife can be divided into common property and personal property, and the property can be agreed before marriage. This reduces the problem of some disputes between the couple and the property, and it has certain convenience. The following is the answer provided by the editor of for readers. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Both parties Without prejudice to the law and without prejudice to the legitimate rights and interests of a third party, the spouse s personal property can be agreed to be the common property of the spouse; the property obtained after marriage can be agreed to be the personal property of the spouse.

Marriage law in China stipulates that pre-marital property belongs to the husband or wife personally. Pre-marital property agreement agreement witness refers to the activity of witnessing a lawyer to prove the authenticity and legality of the agreement reached between the husband and wife (unmarried couples) on the scope and rights of their respective pre-marital property and debt.

Pre-marital property agreement agreement witnessing is a new lawyer witness business newly established in recent years. It helps to clarify the quantity, scope, value and ownership of pre-marital property. It is a reliable legal basis for resolving marriage and property disputes. Relationships and property relationships, the prevention of marriage disputes, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of husband and wife, and the promotion of social stability and unity are of positive significance and have achieved significant social effects.

To sum up, we can understand that the husband and wife can make an agreement on property. The form of the agreement can be written or oral. It should be written. If it is an oral agreement, it must be witnessed.

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