Can the court confiscate personal property?

There is an old saying that death is caused by man-made wealth, and death is caused by birds. In modern commercialized society, there are always some people who use many illegal methods to scam or obtain a large amount of other people s property . Of course, the illegal income of this part is Need to be confiscated. So can the court confiscate the personal property, and can I come back? The editor of has sorted out the relevant content, hoping to help you.

If the confiscation decision is wrong, it should be reverted. Of course, if the statute of limitations is exceeded, the court may not accept it through lawsuits. Can be resolved through petitions. If the judgment is correct, it is generally impossible to return .

Article 59 stipulates that confiscation of property is the confiscation of part or all of the personal property of criminal elements. If all property is confiscated, the necessary living expenses shall be reserved for the individual of the criminal and his dependents.

Article 64 states: All the property obtained by criminals in violation of the law shall be recovered or ordered to be reimbursed; the legal property of the victim shall be returned promptly; contraband and the personal property used for the crime shall be confiscated.

In fact, from the above analysis, we can see that it is difficult to return the confiscated property to the confiscation judgment in most cases. Because the law rarely makes mistakes in penalties, it is recommended that parties concerned can consult relevant professional lawyers to help with litigation if they are not satisfied with the verdict.

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