Can the court sever brotherhood?

At present, our country s law has no legal basis for severing fraternal relations, nor does it support such acts in law. Therefore, the court will not accept such requests.

(2) If the parties to the adoption relationship cannot reach an agreement to terminate the adoption relationship, one party may file a lawsuit with the people s court and terminate the adoption relationship through litigation. According to China s Adoption Law, the legal reasons for dismissal of the adoption relationship are as follows:

(1) The adopter fails to fulfill the obligation to support, and commits abuse, abandonment, and other acts that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the minor adopted child;.

(2) If the relationship between the adoptive parent and the adult adoptive child deteriorates and cannot live together, one party requests the adoption relationship to be cancelled, and the other party fails to reach an agreement to terminate the adoption relationship.

In hearing such cases, the people s court should find out the true reasons and relevant facts of the parties request to terminate the adoption relationship, and conduct mediation work in accordance with the basic principles and specific provisions of the Adoption Law, effectively protect the legal adoption relationship, and safeguard the parties legal rights and interests. When mediation is invalid, a decision is made in accordance with the law to grant or not to terminate the adoption relationship.

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