Can the house be given to a non-immediate relative?

Inheritance and continuity have always been one of the most important aspects of each of our nation. After hard working all their lives, people will choose their property for their children. There are two ways of giving in law. One is inheritance. One is a gift. Of course, in some special cases, it is only given to their own children. So, can the house be gifted to non-immediate relatives? The editor of has compiled related content and hopes to help you..

Non-immediate relatives can also apply for real estate gift. According to relevant regulations, if the donor and the recipient are immediate relatives or in-laws, the real estate gift is exempt from deed tax. The gift of real estate can be carried out as long as the presenter intends and the recipient is willing to accept it. Of course, this process must be carried out in accordance with the law.

The gift of real estate is not limited to kinship. Non-relatives can give gifts. The establishment of the gift contract requires the donor to have full civil capacity and to express it in a true sense, and the recipient accepts it. Gift properties that meet the conditions in accordance with relevant laws and policies are exempt from business tax and personal income tax. Other deed tax stamps, city construction taxes, etc. are the same as ordinary sales. Each locality also has its own real estate policy. For specific standards, you can ask the local housing management bureau.

Non-immediate relatives can hang accounts. According to the current household registration management regulations, non-immediate relatives who move in need to live long-term in their relatives homes. Please bring your family register, ID card, kinship certificate, proof of residency here, and your relatives to agree that you have here The household registration police station where your relative s house is located handles the relocation procedures.

When the household registration is in the home of a relative or friend, the client applies to the local police station in the place of residence. For those who are located in the district or county, the applicant holds the certificate of approval of the local police station in the place of residence, his / her household registration booklet, and ID card to go to the local police station in the place of residence to handle the migration procedures. Resident registration certificate, relatives and friends household registration booklet, and the resident account responsibility letter signed by the heads of relatives and friends households should go to the local police station to go through the formalities for entering the household.

In fact, from the above analysis, we can see that the occurrence of the gift in China does not have much relationship with whether the two parties have blood relationship, so even non-immediate relatives can complete the gift as long as both parties complete the elements of the gift. If during the donation process, there is a problem with the payment of the corresponding fees because the two parties are non-immediate relatives, you can choose to contact a lawyer to help.

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