Can the prisoner’s ex-wife visit the prison?

1. Subject conditions. According to Article 48 of the Prison Law of the People s Republic of China, only relatives and guardians of offenders can exercise the right of visit to prison. However, it is now common practice across the country that friends of criminals can also conduct prison visits, because visiting prisons can bring corresponding economic benefits to prisons.

2, certificate conditions. Each prison requires the following documents to be presented when visiting the prison: 1. Identity documents (including temporary identity card account booklet, household registration certificate, officer certificate, soldier certificate, etc.) 2. Issued by the local street office, neighborhood committee, and village committee Related proof. It is now common practice that the second proof is not needed.

3. Time conditions. This condition stipulates that the visit can only be carried out on the prescribed visit day. However, the current practice is that, except for statutory holidays, the rest of the time can be visited.

Therefore, the prisoner s ex-wife can also be visited, but relevant documents must be obtained in accordance with regulations. And it is necessary to conduct inspections within the prescribed time limit, so everyone who needs to conduct inspections must have a relevant understanding of this to facilitate our inspections.

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