Child accuses father of required materials for child support

According to the relevant laws and regulations of China, if a child sues his father for maintenance, the materials to be provided include an indictment, legal proof of the identity of both parties, and evidence of arrears of maintenance.

1. The unconditional nature of the duty of support. Parents obligation to support minor children is unconditional. Once a child is born, regardless of the parents financial conditions and affordability, or whether they are willing or not, they must bear the maintenance obligation in accordance with the law. Even if you lower your standard of living and sacrifice your career development and life enjoyment, you must first ensure the survival and life of your children.

2, the complex nature of raising content. That is, the upbringing of a minor child by the parents involves the whole process of the child s physical and mental growth and development. It is a comprehensive upbringing, so the content of the upbringing includes not only providing all living expenses necessary for the child, but also providing economic security for the healthy growth and development of the child; Provide children s education and learning costs, ensure that children fully enjoy the right to compulsory education, and create conditions for the cultivation and improvement of children s cultural quality and life skills.

3. Long-term and continuous support obligations. From the time of the child s birth until the child reaches the age of majority and even has the ability to live independently, the parents are obliged to bear the duty of support.

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