Do you have to renounce the declaration of inheritance?

The waiver of inheritance can be verbal or written, and a written waiver of declaration of inheritance is required, which is legally valid. The notarized declaration of renunciation of inheritance has the highest legal effect, but it does not affect the legal effect of the notarized declaration of renunciation of inheritance. If you regret giving up the right of inheritance, you need to decide by the court if you want to restore the right of inheritance.

(2) Notarization of the declaration of renunciation of inheritance right means that the notary office proves that the heir has given up his right to inherit the inheritance of another person s inheritance in accordance with the law and expresses that it is a real and legal activity.

Article 25 of China s Inheritance Law stipulates: After the succession begins, if the heir renounces inheritance, he shall make a renunciation of inheritance before the disposal of the estate. If there is no indication, it shall be deemed to accept inheritance. Therefore, although the law allows citizens Voluntarily renounce his right to inheritance, but the renunciation of his right to inheritance shall be clearly stated in accordance with the law. The notarization of the declaration of waiver of the right of inheritance shall be under the jurisdiction of the notary office of the place where the domicile or the act occurred. The parties should handle the case in person and not entrust others.

The notary office shall explain to the parties his rights, obligations, and the legal consequences of giving up the right of inheritance, so that the parties have a clear understanding of the nature of their actions and the impact they will have, and record them in the transcript of the conversation for the parties to check and sign;

Whether Whether the declaration of renunciation of inheritance requires notarization combined with your own personal circumstances, and once you give up, do not make a decision to regret it, because it is difficult to decide whether to restore the inheritance right through the court.

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