Does the marriage agreement need notarization to be effective?

After marriage, there are also many conflicts and disputes because of property. In order not to affect the relationship between husband and wife, many people will discuss after marriage, then draw up a property agreement, and then notarize. So, does the marriage agreement need to be notarized before it can be effective? Hear from the editor of

Notarization is not an effective element of the marriage property agreement. The marriage agreement should be in writing. The agreement between the two parties is effective, but it cannot be against a third party.

1. Article 19 of the Marriage Law of the People s Republic of China stipulates that spouses can agree that the property obtained during the existence of the marriage relationship and the pre-marital property should be owned, jointly owned, or partly owned, partly jointly owned.

3. If the husband and wife have agreed on the property acquired during the existence of the marriage relationship, the husband or wife shall bear the external debts. If the third party knows the agreement, the property shall be settled with the property owned by the husband or wife. Settlement of common property.

The husband and wife property notarization agreement is not much different from other agreements. The standard format of the husband and wife property notarization agreement is the same as the ordinary agreement standard format. Such as,

2. The text should indicate the scope, name, quantity, and type of the pre-marital and post-marital property that you want to agree on, and make an agreement on the ownership and use of the above property. At the same time , it can also be agreed how to divide the proceeds from the pre-marital property after-marital disposal.

(2) In practice, the signatures and contracting dates of the two parties are usually left blank. After the notary has reviewed and modified the agreement, he will sign and confirm it in front of the notary.

Article 1 The two parties register for marriage on the date of the marriage, and the property (including movable property, real property, tangible assets, etc.) in their respective names before and after marriage is permanently owned by each other:

Article 4 The debts of either party A and B to the external party, the debtor has the obligation to let the creditor know the obligations stipulated in this agreement. If the debtor fails to perform the obligations, which results in the court deciding that the other party in this agreement will repay the debt for the debtor, the debtor shall transfer the debt Repayment party.

Article 5 Medical expenses, living allowances for the disabled, and daily necessities for one party are personal property and are owned by that party.

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