Equity allocation and contract cancellation

Arbitrary revocation of the gift contract. Arbitrary revocation of a gift contract means that the donor may arbitrarily revoke the gift contract before the right to donate property is transferred. However, in gift contracts with the nature of social welfare, moral obligation, such as disaster relief and poverty alleviation, and notarized gift contracts, the donor shall not arbitrarily cancel the gift contract.

In In a gift contract, after the right to donate property is transferred, the donor has lost the right to arbitrarily cancel the gift contract, but the donor can still enjoy the legal right to cancel the gift contract when the following conditions are met:

The donor s right of revocation shall be exercised within a prescribed period from the day when the reason for revocation is known or should be known. This period is the exclusion period. After this period, the donor may no longer exercise the right of revocation .

In fact, in many cases, the gift of equity often needs to go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to register for the change of equity, but it should be noted that the gift of charity such as disaster relief and poverty alleviation cannot be revoked. The gift situation is more complicated, you can also consult a lawyer to help solve it.

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