Giving up property inheritance requires some procedures

The renunciation of the right to inheritance of property means the intention of the successor to expressly not inherit the inheritance of the heirs after the inheritance begins and before the division of the inheritance. The following issues should be noted:

1. The inheritance right in the objective sense is a kind of qualification, which is specific and cannot be waived. Prior to the start of inheritance, the renunciation of the right to inheritance meant that it had no effect, because at this time it enjoyed the right to inheritance in an objective sense and could not be renounced.

2. If abandoning the right of inheritance will harm the interests of a third party, it shall not be waived. For example, if the heirs who have the obligation to support and maintain support propose to renounce the right to inherit as a condition to waive their statutory obligations, or fail to perform the statutory obligations after giving up the right to inheritance, giving up the right to inheritance is invalid.

3. The intention to waive the right of inheritance can be made orally or in writing to other heirs, but the waiver of the verbal way must be acknowledged by the person or other sufficient evidence. In a lawsuit, the heirs can indicate to the people s court that they want to renounce inheritance. If the heir indicates to the people s court that the inheritance is waived, the people s court shall make a transcript, which shall be signed by the heir who has waived the right to inherit . In addition, renunciation of the right to inheritance of real estate requires notarization.

4. If the heir repents of the renunciation of inheritance before the handling of the estate or in the proceeding, the court shall decide whether to admit it based on the specific reasons raised by the heir. After the inheritance is dealt with, the heirs will not recognise those who renounce inheritance.

When applying for notarization of inheritance rights and inheritance rights, the notary has explained and explained in detail to me (us) all the terms of the notice, and all the terms of the notice are undoubtedly meaningless, and all of the notice The legal meaning of the terms is understood accurately.

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