How is the standard for child support for parents with pensions?

If the parental pension is sufficient for the living of the parents, the children may not pay alimony. Therefore, there is still a question about the standard of alimony for children whose parents have a pension. However, the supporting parents should also fulfill their obligation to take care of and provide spiritual comfort to their parents. Take care of the special needs of the elderly.

Article 14 The caregiver shall perform his obligations of financial support, care and spiritual comfort to the elderly, and take care of the special needs of the elderly.

The above are the laws and regulations related to the standard of parental support in our country. The relevant judicial regulations on the standard of child support when parents have a pension are provided. If there is still something you want to know about the standard of parental support, you can Go face-to-face with a professional lawyer and the legal department.

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