How to write the property agreement between the two parties before remarriage

In view of the voluntary marriage between parties A and B, and the hope that the two parties will agree on the ownership of the property obtained before marriage and during the duration of the marriage relationship, according to laws and regulations such as the Marriage Law of the People s Republic of China, the two parties have reached an agreement as follows voluntarily after consultation. opinion:

The above-mentioned pre-marital property under the respective names of Party A and Party B, including but not limited to the equity of the limited liability company under Party B s name, all proceeds obtained after the marriage are common property of the husband and wife;

Party A s pre-marital debt: real estate mortgage loan: total ten thousand yuan; down payment ten thousand yuan; remaining loan: ten thousand yuan. No other debt. Therefore, Party A s pre-marital debt is 10,000 yuan. Before Party A and Party B get married, Party A and Party B use the common property of the couple to repay the loan together. In Party A s house, the payment for the joint repayment of the loan after the marriage and the corresponding value -added part of the property belong to the common property of the husband and wife and can be divided according to law.

If any party finds that any of the parties has personal debts not listed above before marriage, the debting party shall bear the debt repayment obligations and bear the legal liabilities arising therefrom.

The debts of the two parties after marriage should be agreed in advance. Any debt that is not required for daily life without the two parties consultation and written consent is the debt of the borrower and the individual shall bear the debt repayment responsibility.

The widower or wife makes important decisions on the common property of the husband and wife due to daily needs, and the husband and wife should negotiate on an equal basis to reach an agreement.

Neither party shall conceal and transfer the married couple ’s common property. If there is any act of concealment or transfer, the other party shall have the right to obtain the entire share of the property hidden or transferred by the other party.

Article 7 This agreement was established on the date of signing by both parties and becomes effective after both parties have completed the marriage registration formalities. The agreement is in duplicate, and both parties hold one and the same, with equal legal effect.

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