Is a husband and wife a joint debt to their parents to pay off the mortgage?

Common debts between husband and wife refers to the debts that are incurred to meet the needs of husband and wife together. Husband and wife common debts are mainly debts based on the needs of the husband and wife s common life and the management, use, income, and disposal of common property.

During the existence of the marriage relationship, the husband and wife bear personal debts, but they are used for daily life of the family. Generally, they are treated as joint debts of the husband and wife. The property agreement obtained is owned by each other , and the creditor knows the agreement, it is the personal debt of the spouse; for the debts that exceed the family s daily needs, it should not be recognized as the joint debt of the spouse;

The personal debts of one party before marriage are generally personal debts, but if the creditor can prove that the debts of one party before marriage are used by the married family to live together, they are joint debts of the husband and wife. Personal debt is a loan owed by one party in private and is not a common debt used for spouse and family life, so it should be settled by the individual. In addition, according to China s relevant laws and regulations, gambling debts are illegal debts and are not protected by law. If you do not want to repay the gambling debt, you can not pay it off.

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