Is counter-guarantee associated with personal property?

In the process of guarantee, there may be counter-guarantees. This counter-guarantee also needs to bear. Certain legal liabilities also belong to the guarantee. Does the counter-guarantee have to be accompanied by personal property? Below, in order to help everyone better understand the relevant legal knowledge, the editor of compiled the following content, I hope to help you.

Unlimited joint and several liability means that each partner has the obligation to pay off the debts of the partnership in full, and the creditors of the partnership also have the right to demand that one or more of the partners pay off part or all of their debts .

Joint liability refers to two or more persons who must bear the same civil liability, and the right holder can make a request for civil liability to either party. After taking responsibility to the right holders, each responsible person will share the responsibilities according to their specific circumstances.

Joint liability is a type of majority subject liability, that is, the number of debtors corresponding to creditors is two or more. (2) Joint liability is a civil liability for breach of legal obligations. This legal obligation is first of all an obligation under contract law, that is, an obligation to pay, which is manifested as an act. Obligations in contract law can be the agreement of the parties to the contract (such as the joint and several joint guarantee liability), or the statutory rights and obligations of the parties to the contract (such as the joint and several liability of the legal partner to the partnership debt). The second is the obligation in tort law, that is, the obligation not to infringe on the personal and property rights of others, which is manifested as inaction (such as joint and several liability for joint tort).

The counter-guarantee also needs to involve your own joint and several personal property. As long as it is agreed in this contract, because the counter-guarantee is also a contract of guarantee, the guarantee can be divided into joint and non-joint liability .

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