Is it illegal for a spouse to fall into the river without saving the death?

There is a saying saying that one day husband and wife, one hundred days, the husband and wife relationship can be said to be the most special kind of social relationship. Even to a certain extent, the husband and wife relationship can be described as a blessing and sharing, and it is difficult to share. Undertake each other s rights and obligations. For example, when one of the husband and wife is sick, they should take good care of them. If their lives are in danger, they should try their best to help. Is it illegal for the husband and wife to fall into the river without saving the death? Related content, I hope to help you.

Husbands and wives have obligations to each other, although in the current law of our country, only the marriage law stipulates the duty of husband and wife to support each other. The law does not explicitly stipulate the obligation of mutual assistance between husband and wife. However, the other spouse has the ability and conditions to implement the rescue obligation. In the case where the actor fails to perform the rescue obligation, the death consequences of one spouse will result. The people s court will investigate the criminal responsibility of the actor and sentence him for intentional homicide.

For those who have an obligation to see death, the perpetrator violates the criminal law. It is generally characterized as intentional homicide. For example, Zhang San hugged a five-year-old child who was neighbour and went out to play. The child fell into the dung pit. Zhang San was too dirty and did not save the child and drowned. Then Zhang San constituted an act of intentional homicide. Conviction for intentional homicide. Another example is when a client has a heart attack when he goes to a place of prostitution and the prostitute fails to save him. He is also suspected of intentional homicide for inaction.

不 Seeing no death for no obligation is not a crime. For example, Li Si was hit on the street, and Zhang San was asked to save him. Zhang Sanyang went away. Li Si died because he did not get help. Zhang San did not constitute a crime. Another example is that Zhang San went hunting on a barren mountain and found an abandoned baby. He knew he would die if he didn t save the abandoned baby. Zhang San s failure to save did not constitute a crime .

In fact, from the above analysis, we can see that if one spouse is in danger of life and the other is capable of providing assistance but does not provide assistance, it is an indirect omission that constitutes a crime. In serious cases, it may even be intentional. The homicide charge shall be investigated for the corresponding criminal responsibility. Of course, if there is a compelling reason for failing to complete the rescue but the accused is accused, it is recommended that a lawyer be contacted to help deal with it .

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