Non-immediate relative support agreement model

Party C: ** (** is the ** community resident, the eldest son of **. With the consent of the original wife ** of the deceased resident ***, ** assumes maintenance obligations and legally inherits property)

Part two of Party A ** has one child after marriage with the original partner ** (deceased), named Party ** (deceased) Party ** and *** have married in the year * and have no children after marriage.

Party ***, male, * year-old, now * year-old. ***, female, * born alive, now * years old. As the two elderly people are old and cannot take care of themselves, with the consent of the two elderly people, Party B and Party C reached an agreement on the disposal of property behind the elderly and Party A as follows:

According to Party A s opinions and the special circumstances of the family, Party B and Party C have agreed by agreement that the two elderly persons shall be responsible for their maintenance respectively. (Salary and living expenses)

Party Party _____ s income such as the minimum security deposit, living expenses for the elderly occupying the land, and resident insurance, as well as hardship allowances.

Article 20 With the consent of the elderly, the caregivers may sign an agreement on the performance of their maintenance obligations. The content of the maintenance agreement must not violate the laws and the wishes of the elderly.

In the case of non-immediate relatives child support agreement, the content of the maintenance agreement includes the information of the dependents, the information of the dependents, the rights and obligations between the dependents, and the information of the witness.

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