Pre-marital property notarization procedure

The so-called pre-marital property notarization is an unmarried couple or a married couple agreeing on the ownership of the property before marriage and notarizing this agreement. The notary office will check whether the signing behavior and the agreement content of the two parties are true and legal. Can effectively protect their legal rights. The following is the relevant knowledge compiled by the editor of

There are two types of people who can apply for notarization of pre-marital property: unmarried couples are only one of them, and married couples can also handle it, but the content of the agreement between the two parties only covers their respective pre-marital property, not the property acquired by the two parties after marriage. It is called notarization of property agreement before marriage. Pre-marital property notarization, the two parties must jointly go to a notary office to apply for notarization in person, and cannot entrust others to act as agents or one person to do notarization of pre-marital property.

The two parties have drafted an agreement. The contents of the agreement generally include: the individual s basic information such as the name, gender, occupation, and address of the party; the name, quantity, value, status, and ownership of the property; the principles of use, maintenance, and disposal of the pre-marital property mentioned above. Generally, the signatures and contracting dates of the two parties are vacant. After the notary has reviewed and modified the agreement, he will sign in front of the notary.

After the above materials are prepared, both parties must go to a notary office to personally apply for a notarization and fill out a notarized application form. It is generally not allowed to entrust another person s agent or a person to do notarization of property before marriage.

After the notary s application is accepted by the notary, the notary examines the certificate of the property s rights regarding the content of the property agreement; asks whether the parties contract has been deceived or misled. The parties shall truthfully answer the questions of the notary. The notary shall perform the necessary legal notification obligations, inform the parties of the legal obligations and legal consequences after signing the property agreement, and the parties shall cooperate with the notary to complete the notarized conversation transcript, and sign and confirm the transcript.

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