There may be some consequences of abandoning the estate

The right of property inheritance is an important civil right of a citizen, and he can either exercise this right to accept the inheritance he should inherit, or he can waive this right. Therefore, renunciation of inheritance is also called renunciation of inheritance, or renunciation of inheritance. It means that after the beginning of inheritance and before the division of the inheritance, the heirs expressly do not accept the intention of inheritance. The express intention can be written or verbal. Once the heir expresses the intention to abandon the inheritance, it means that the heir has forever lost the right to inherit the inheritance of the particular heir and cannot be revoked. The expression of waiver of succession means that the person must be a heir with full capacity, and the expression of meaning shall be made by himself. The legal agent of a person with no capacity or a person with limited capacity shall not act on behalf of a person with no capacity or with a person wit h limited capacity to give up the estate, and the heir who has given up the property will no longer be liable to pay taxes to the heir in accordance with the law And the obligation to pay off debt obligations.

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