What about the notarization procedure of property inheritance

There are two kinds of inheritance of real estate. One is the inheritance of wills and the other is the legal inheritance. If the deceased did not leave a will before his death, he must proceed according to the legal inheritance. To go to the notary office to issue a notarized certificate, you need to bring two certificates and two certificates:

The legal successor certificate must be issued at the unit where the deceased is located (or the neighborhood committee or village committee). The content mainly includes the names of the deceased s spouse, parents, children, and whether the deceased s parents have passed away.

If there is more than one legal heir and the real estate is only transferred to one of them, the written consent of the other person is required to signify the abandonment of the inheritance of the real estate.

If the housing reform and economically affordable housing are inherited, you must also provide the “Review of Housing Reform and Sale Price” and “Approval Form for Listing Transaction of Purchased Housing” (receive at the receipt window)

Schematic diagram of handling procedures: Real estate transaction center receiving window receipt form-fee window fee-receiving window pieces-issuing window receipt card.

Note: The property owner is required to be present when receiving the house permit. If the property owner cannot be present, an entrustment or notarization is required. Personal income tax is also paid.

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