What are the main manifestations of spouses’ agreement on property

The ownership of property agreed by husband and wife is stipulated by law, and it is also a new system derived from the principle that husbands and wives have equal disposition of common property. Although it is not very common in China at present, with the continuous increase of personal property of citizens and other reasons for families, etc. The content of the property agreement between husband and wife has gradually increased. So, what are the main manifestations of a couple s agreement on property? The following is the relevant knowledge compiled by the editor of Hualu.com. If you have any other questions, please come to Hualu.com to consult.

In judicial practice, in the remarried combination family of middle, young or old age, the agreement on property between husband and wife is a more common type in current marriage cases. There are mainly remarried couples agreement on personal property before marriage or investment in commercial housing after marriage. Agreements such as content, such as the divorce case between the plaintiff Zhou and the defendant Yan, the plaintiff and the defendant were remarried. After introduction and understanding, the two parties went through the marriage registration formalities in Yunhe Town People s Government in March 2000. In May of the same year, For the living needs, the plaintiff sold his pre-marital housing reform house for 73,000 yuan, and then purchased another relatively large house for 91800 yuan. During the decoration of the house , the two parties invested in a house purchased after marriage. The situation was agreed in the form of family property confirmation letter, which stat ed in the property confirmation letter that the plaintiff s 70,000 yuan invested after the original house was resold as his personal property before marriage.

Later, the divorce proceeded due to the disagreement between the two parties and the separation. The trial agreed on the division of the property between the plaintiff and the defendant. Based on the funding agreement in the family property confirmation letter, the parties agreed on the true intentions of the parties. There were differences, but the court s determination of the property agreed between the two parties was well documented and lawful, and the ownership of the 70,000 yuan was finally confirmed.

With the continuous improvement of people s living standards, a happy marriage and family life is no longer a fashion for young people, and it has gradually become a hot topic for the elderly. In real life, elderly remarried couples are becoming more and more partners. Especially in the case of rural women marrying retired gay men, some couples specifically make written agreements on pension insurance, future life security, and other content. The purpose is to win mutual respect, considerate care, and get along with each other. old. For example, the plaintiff Wang and the defendant Yang remarried in the old age. In May 1996, the two parties introduced the establishment of a love relationship through the introduction of Yunhe County Chengguan Honghuagui Marriage Agency. On September 30, 1997 , under the auspices of the Yunhe County Chengguan Red Marriage Marriage Agency, the two parties negotiated the wishes of the couple, their living expenses, and the payment of pensions, reached an agreement, and registered their marriage. Among them, the agreement Article 2 clearly stipulates: To solve the woman s worries, the man voluntarily paid the woman s endowment insurance fund 7000 and went through the relevant procedures with the insurance company. Article 3 stipulated that the man paid the woman s pocket money 100 yuan per month. Although the two parties can take care of each other after the marriage, they often conflict with each other in family matters. In the first half of 2002, the two parties disputed the payment of the pension insurance. The man then filed a divorce lawsuit with the court. During the trial, the husband and wife agreed on the pension insurance. The legal rights and interests of the woman were confirmed and protected in accordance with the law.

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