What are the relevant regulations for enforcement of judgments and enforcement

The so-called regulation refers to a method of punishment imposed by the people s court, which does not imprison criminals, restricts certain freedoms for a certain period of time, and leaves them to the public security organs for implementation and supervision by the masses . Control is one of the lightest punishment methods in our country. Its main purpose is not to punish the sentence, but to warn and hope that the criminal will correct his own behavior. So what are the relevant legal regulations on the judgment and enforcement of regulations? The editor of Hualu.com has compiled the relevant content and hopes to help you.

2. Limit certain freedoms of offenders, that is, offenders must abide by the provisions of Article 39 of the Criminal Law. When the people s court is sentenced to control, it can also prohibit criminals from engaging in specific activities, entering specific areas during execution, Places to reach specific people;

4. Criminals sentenced to control enjoy all rights except restrictions, such as those who do not attach deprivation of political rights and still enjoy political rights, equal pay for equal work in work, etc.

Article 38 of the Criminal Law provides that criminals sentenced to control shall be executed by public security organs. It can be seen that the executive organ of control is the public security organ. The implementation of public security organs means that the county ( city) public security bureau, city public security bureau, and equivalent public security organs, in accordance with the judgment of the people s court, educate, supervise, inspect, evaluate, and reform the criminals sentenced to control. When implementing the control, the public security organ shall, in accordance with the judgment of the people s court, inform the convicted criminals of the scope, area and relevant regulations that must be observed, and announce the criminals sentenced to control to the people in their units or residences . The crimes committed, the duration of control, whether additional deprivation of political rights, etc. The county-level public security organs in the place of execution shall list the controlled criminals as the key population to manage in accordance with the law to prevent leakage and loss of control. In the supervision work, it is necessary to rely on the masses to set up supervision and inspection teams for criminals one by one, and to conduct regular confession education and supervision and inspection of criminals according to law. Regularly organize the masses to comment on controlled criminals. In case of changes such as relocation or death, the people s procuratorate at the same level and the original judicial organ shall be notified in writing. If the sentence should be commuted, the public security organ shall submit a commutation proposal to the people s court at or above the intermediate level, and the collegial panel of the people s court that accepts the commutation proposal shall hear and rule. If the criminals commit new crimes or discover the remaining crimes during the control period, the public security organ shall transfer them to the Peo ple s Procuratorate for processing in accordance with the criminal procedure.

According to Article 39 of the Criminal Law, criminals sentenced to control shall abide by the following provisions during the implementation period: (1) abide by laws and administrative regulations and obey supervision; (2) shall not exercise speech or publication without the approval of the enforcement agency The right to freedom of assembly, association, procession, and demonstration; (3) report their activities in accordance with the provisions of the executive agency; (4) abide by the rules of the executive agency regarding meeting guests; (5) ) leave the city or county where they live or relocate Shall be reported to the executive authorities for approval. According to the above provisions, regulation itself does not include the deprivation of political rights. If a controlled criminal needs to be deprived of political rights, the deprivation of political rights shall be sentenced as an additional sentence, the duration of which shall be equal to that of the control, and shall be i mplemented simultaneously.

For Criminals sentenced to control, when the control period expires, the executive organ shall announce the deregulation to the person and the unit or the people in the place of residence, and issue a notice of cancellation to the person. In the event of additional deprivation of political rights, it shall also announce the restoration of political rights.

In fact, we can see that although the regulation is a punishment, the punishment will eventually be announced. In this way, not only can social behavior and the surrounding environment of the regulated person be used to correct their behavior, but it is also conducive to publicizing the legal system, educating the public, and ensuring the correct implementation of the law.

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