What is the content of the control penalty and what are the types of control

1. Controlled objects. According to the provisions of the Criminal Law on the regulation of punishment, the scope of control of punishment is relatively wide. In addition to the criminals who have less serious crimes that endanger national security, they can also be applied to other criminals who do not have serious crimes. As long as it is regulated in the statutory punishment of the criminal law provisions, the people s court may, according to the nature and circumstances of the case, believe that the crime is not enough to imprisonment or that it is not appropriate to be detained, but it needs to restrict its freedom..

2. Duration of control. According to Articles 38 and 69 of the Criminal Law, the period of control is three months or more and two years or less. The maximum penalty for multiple crimes is three years.

3. The executive organ of control is the public security organ. Article 38 of the Criminal Law stipulates that criminal elements sentenced to control shall be executed by the public security organs; Article 40 of the Criminal Law stipulates that the criminal elements sentenced to control shall , upon expiration of the period of control, the executive organ shall announce the dissolution to the person and the unit where he or she resides control.

4. Implementation method. The control of punishment does not deprive criminals of their personal freedom, but only limits certain personal freedoms of criminals. Criminals must comply with the provisions of Article 39 of the Criminal Law:

(5) Leaving the city, county or relocation where they live should be reported to the executive authorities for approval. However, the criminal law does not provide for disciplinary measures that violate the above-mentioned provisions that should be observed during implementation, which affects the implementation effect of the control to some extent.

Plutonium control is a type of sentencing provided by China s criminal law. Control is a method of punishment that does not detain criminals, but restricts their freedom, and is implemented by public security organs and reformed by the masses. Control refers to the punishment method in which criminals are not imprisoned and placed under the control of public security organs and supervised by the people to limit their freedom.

1. Economic regulation: control over prices, market entry and launch conditions, and service standards. Examples include utility regulation, telephone, gas, water.

2. Social regulation: This kind of regulation is used to protect the environment and the health and safety of workers and consumers. Its relevant provisions can be used to rectify various derived consequences and externalities caused by economic activities. For example: purify air and water sources and ensure nuclear safety.

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