What is the procedure for the police to marry a foreigner?

The law stipulates freedom of marriage. Chinese citizens can marry foreigners, and there are different marriage procedures according to the place of marriage. However, there is a case whether the public security police can marry a foreigner, and everyone has doubts about this issue. The following editors of Hualu.com have compiled relevant content for everyone to answer.

Article 2 of the Marriage Law provides that a marriage system of freedom of marriage, monogamy, and equality between men and women shall be implemented. Our citizens enjoy the right to freedom of marriage. In general, as long as the marriage conditions provided by the law and the circumstances that prohibit marriage are not provided by the law, marriage can be concluded according to their own wishes.

But for the marriage between Chinese citizens and foreigners, due to the consideration of national interests, China has also made certain restrictions, that is, it stipulates that some people cannot marry foreigners. Because in certain circumstances, private benefits must be borne out of national interests. Of course, this kind of restriction of national interests to private interests must also be within a reasonable range. It is not allowed to restrict private rights excessively or arbitrarily and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of private individuals. On the issue of marriage, the law has also made certain restrictive regulations., Including restrictions on the status of people who marry foreigners. Article 4 of the Several Provisions on Registration of Marriage between Chinese Citizens and Foreigners stipulates that the following Chinese citizens are not allowed to marry foreigners:

Both parties must apply to the marriage registration management department of the Civil Affairs Department of the People s Government at or above the prefecture level designated by the province, autonomous region, or municipal bureau of civil affairs of the municipality where the household registration is located , and submit relevant documents and certificates.

(1) If a Chinese citizen and a foreigner (including foreigners who are resident in China and temporary visitors to China, foreign Chinese, and Chinese nationals who settle in China) voluntarily marry in China, both parties must go to the province, Marriage registration agencies designated by the people s governments of autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government apply for registration.

My name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and marital status (unmarried, divorced, widowed, the same below) issued by the county-level people s government at the place where my household registration is located, or the institution above the county level, school, institution, or enterprise where the work is located, Proof of occupation, nature of work, and whom to apply for marriage.

Marital status certificate issued by the notary office of the country, which is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or an authorized organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and our embassy or consulate in that country; or Marital status certificate issued by the country s embassy or consulate in China.

Certificate of my name, gender, date of birth, marital status, occupation, and who to apply for marriage issued by the county-level people s government at the place where my household registration is located or the institution, school, institution, or enterprise at the county level or above.

Our law provides for a marriage system of freedom of marriage, monogamy, and equality between men and women. However, in order to protect the interests of the country, some people may not marry foreigners, including public security officers.

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