What is the role of notarial property before marriage

What is notarization of pre-marital property? Pre-marital property notarization refers to the activity of a notary agency to prove the authenticity and legality of the agreement between the husband and wife (unmarried couples) on the scope of their pre-marital property, debt, and ownership of rights.

There are two forms of notarization of property before marriage. One is the unmarried couple s agreement before the marriage registration for notarization, and the other is the couple s notarization for the agreement reached by one or both parties after marriage. In real life , there are many marriage disputes caused by the liquidation and division of property caused by divorce. With the improvement of people s living standards, personal property will continue to increase, such as cars, houses, stocks, etc., all of which involve the ownership of property. Especially after marriage, due to the long-term common living and consumption of the husband and wife, the original clear ownership of the property is blurred.

Once a divorce is encountered, disputes over the division of property can easily occur. Notarization, as a non-litigation quasi-judicial system, provides legal protection for people to prevent disputes over this property issue. With the improvement of China s legal system and the improvement of people s legal awareness, notarization of property before marriage will show an upward trend. Premarital property notarization is entering the lives of ordinary people. Premarital property notarization can help people clarify family accounts. It is a protection of the property of both parties, not an emotional obstacle. Now young people are getting married late, and most people who plan to get married have a certain economic foundation; there are also elderly people who remarry, and property ownership issues often become obstacles to remarriage. Distinguishing their property can also avoid both parties and their children Conflict over property. Does it convey a message of distrust of marriage fr om the beginning, or hold up an umbrella for love? Although people s understanding is still controversial, notarization of pre-marital property saves parties from unnecessary property disputes, but it cannot be doubted. Pre-marital property notarization helps to clarify the ownership of the amount, scope, value and property rights of the pre-marital property by the parties to the agreement, is a reliable legal basis for resolving marriage disputes, stabilizes family and property relationships, prevents marriage disputes, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of both spouses It even plays an important role in promoting social stability and unity.

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