When will the court’s judgment be fulfilled?

According to the relevant laws of our country, if the people s court makes the judgment of the first instance, the appeal period is ten days. After the appeal period has passed, the written judgment of the first trial will take effect.

Article 230 The period for appeals and protests against a judgment is ten days, and the period for appeals and protests against a ruling is five days, counting from the second day after the judgment or ruling is received.

Detention A form of sentencing provided by China s criminal law. Detention is a short-term deprivation of the offender s freedom, and the nearest labor penalty method is used. Detention is carried out by the public security organ at the nearest detention center or other supervision place. During the execution period, the prisoner can go home for one to two days a month, and can be paid as appropriate if he participates in labor.

Criminals sentenced to detention generally refer to crimes that are relatively minor, but have certain personal dangers. In the case of the crime of illegal deprivation of personal liberty, the offender simply adopts illegal deprivation of liberty against other people and locks or binds it to a certain place. The criminal act is relatively light, but as far as the offender is concerned, it may be Endangering the personal and life safety of others, criminal penalties for detention can be imposed for such crimes.

In the Criminal Law s sub-rules, detention can be applied to crimes where the crime is light and does not need to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment. It can also be applied to crimes which should be sentenced to short-term imprisonment but with lighter sentences.

In accordance with the relevant laws of China, if the people s court makes a first-instance judgment, the appeal period is ten days. After the appeal period has passed, the first-instance judgment will take effect.

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