Whether the welfare house is a legacy

Article 13: The share of the inheritance of the inheritors in the same order shall generally be equal. Inheritors who have special difficulties in living and who lack the ability to work should be taken care of when assigning inheritance.

Heirs who have fulfilled their primary maintenance obligations or lived with the heirs may be given more points when allocating the estate. If the heirs who have the ability to support and have the conditions to support do not fulfill their obligations of support, the inheritance shall be distributed without distinction or less. Heirs agreed to agree, can also be unequal.

Article 14: Those who lack the ability to work and have no source of livelihood and rely on the support of the heirs other than the heirs, or those who support the heirs more than the heirs, may be given an appropriate inheritance.

Article 15: The heirs should deal with the issue of inheritance in a spirit of mutual understanding, mutual accommodation, harmony and solidarity. The time, method and share of inheritance division shall be determined by the heirs through consultation. If the negotiation fails , the people s mediation committee may mediation or file a lawsuit in the people s court.

1. The employee has not bought the property rights of the welfare subdivision. Until his death, he is the tenant rather than the owner. Article 3 of the Inheritance Law stipulates that the estate is the legal personal property left by a citizen when he dies. The rent of public housing is not the legal property of citizens, so public housing cannot be legacy.

2. Since it is not an inheritance, the employee s punishment for welfare allocation in the will is also invalid. After the death of the employee, the tenant of this house will not be transformed into the property of the heir by the will.

3. According to Article 5 of the Inheritance Law, after the beginning of inheritance, it shall be handled according to legal succession; if there is a will, it shall be handled according to a will or bequest; if there is a bequest maintenance agreement, it shall be handled according to the agreement.

4. The old person has not left a will, and should proceed in accordance with legal succession. This amount should be calculated based on the amount at the time of sale, and the part paid by the spouse of the son needs to be compensated.

5. If there is a dispute over serving as a guardian, the unit where the mental patient is located or the residents committee or village committee of the place of residence shall appoint among the close relatives. If a suit is filed against the appointment, the people s court shall decide.

If there is no guardian as provided in paragraph 1, the unit where the mental patient is located or the residents committee, village committee or civil affairs department of the place of residence serves as the guardian.

Is the welfare house regarded as a heritage? A welfare house is not a traditional house, because its initial property rights may not belong to the employee, or the employee has never owned the property right of the welfare house, then it is naturally not eligible for inheritance.

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