Will the court lightly punish her husband against his domestic violence?

Li once had a marriage that lasted more than 20 years. However, since her marriage, her husband has committed domestic violence against her for a long time. In the early morning of August 15 last year, unbearable tortured by nightmares, Li killed his husband on the bed with a hammer and a kitchen knife, then chose to surrender. On the morning of March 6, Li, 50, was tried in Hefei Intermediate Court. The two daughters forgave Lee and issued a letter of understanding to the court.

At that time, the 12-year-old daughter heard a strange noise and asked her mother what happened. With a hammer in his hand, Li stepped out of the bedroom and told her to kill his father. At 8:27 on the same day, Li took the initiative to call 110 to report the crime.

The accused and the defendant have no objection to Li s criminal facts and the crimes involved, but there is much controversy over whether the murder committed by Li is a lesser plot.

The Procuratorate believes that Lee s behavior has constituted intentional homicide. Wei has long suffered domestic violence against Li, so he must admit that Wei has some fault in the cause of death. But without the permission of the law, everyone has no right to deprive others of their lives. In order to vent his grievances, Li was punished for his crimes, and his feelings were pitiful. In view of the fact that the defendant Lee surrendered and was understood by the victim s family; it was caused by family conflicts and the victim was at fault, it is recommended that the court reduce the punishment.

Defenders believe that Li s behavior was essentially an outbreak of battered women s syndrome, and such behavior in European and American countries can even be regarded as legitimate defense. (Battered Women s Syndrome was originally a social psychology term that became a legal concept in North America in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It refers to a special behavior exhibited by women who have been abused by their husbands or boyfriends for a long time. Model.) In addition, Li took the initiative to surrender and the victim s family members forgive him, and the defender suggested that the court impose a light punishment on Li.

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