Will the sentence of criminal suspension be halved?

Article 24 [Criminal Suspension] During the course of a crime, a crime that is automatically abandoned or automatically prevented effectively is the criminal suspension.

Criminal suspension, which is an incomplete form of intentional crime, refers to the form in which the perpetrator has begun to commit a crime and the crime has been suspended. The form of criminal suspension is closely related to the act of criminal suspension: without the act of suspension, there is no form of criminal suspension, and the act of suspension is the decisive cause of the form of criminal suspension. The form of suspension of crime is different from the act of suspension: the act of suspension itself is not a crime but an act encouraged by criminal law; the form of suspension of crime is a state of crime and should bear criminal responsibility. In other words, the behavior before the suspension is a criminal act and it is the factual basis that the actor should be held criminally responsible. The suspension itself is an act encouraged by criminal law and is the basis for exempting or reducing punishment.

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