The position of Chinese in the world and the importance of learning Chinese

The people of all ethnic groups in China have a common desire to learn Chinese. The fundamental reason is that Chinese is currently one of the five languages ​​with the widest spread and the largest number of users in the world. The six working languages ​​used by the United Nations also contain Chinese. Chinese is in a very important position in both domestic and international exchanges. For now, mastering Chinese and native languages, mastering multiple languages, and being able to use Chinese is a major concern of ethnic minority people in China. One of the important issues, and the issue has also received widespread attention around the world. There are many countries and regions in the world that are beginning to promote learning Chinese. For example, universities, primary and secondary schools such as Australia, the United States, Japan, Canada, and South Korea are beginning to Chinese is added to its main curriculum, and even in some countries and regions, being able to master Chinese and being proficient in application will become an important advantage for them to have employment advantages in social life and to improve their own economic income. Therefore, the current world is coming. The more people start or have already used Chinese as a second language Learning is also an important sign that Chinese is improving its international status. In the future, Chinese is likely to grow into a strong language after English, so I try to analyze the current status of Chinese in the world and the importance of learning Chinese. And to analyze the factors that hinder the promotion of Chinese status and learning Chinese, and find corresponding solutions, which can promote the development of Chinese learning while improving the status of Chinese at home and abroad.

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