2019 Didi Downwind is legal

Since the driver ’s rape and killing of female passengers, the Didi platform has taken down the ride-hailing business across the country. Although the Didi ride-hailer is legal, it has caused a great crisis of trust among citizens.

In the self-examination of the Zhengzhou Shunfeng car case, we found that the order account belongs to the suspect s father, and has normally passed the three-certificate verification, criminal background screening and pre-order order before Didi Shunfeng registered Face recognition and other security measures. The suspect was illegally borrowing his father s Shunfeng account to take orders.

At the same time, our original nighttime security mechanism was unreasonable, which resulted in the face recognition mechanism for nighttime in this order not being triggered. In addition, the suspect had a record of verbal harassment complaints before the incident. The customer service could not contact the suspect five times. Due to the unreasonable rules of conviction, the complaint was not properly handled in the follow up.

Since the Didi driver raped and killed female passengers, Didi Platform has temporarily delisted the ride-hailing business across the country. Although Didi Shunfeng is legal, it has already created a great crisis of trust among other citizens.

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