2019 Fuzhou minimum maintenance fees

Where there is a fixed income, the childcare fee is generally paid at a rate of 20-30% of its total monthly income. If the burden is on two or more children, the proportion can be increased appropriately, but it must not exceed 50 % of the total monthly income.

10. Both parents can agree that the child lives with one party and the supporting party shall bear all the child rearing expenses. However, it has been verified that the raising ability of the caregiver obviously cannot guarantee the children s expenses and affects the healthy growth of the children, and is not allowed.

Parents may stop paying childcare expenses if they are over the age of 16 and under the age of 18, and use their labor income as the main source of living and can maintain the local standard of living.

1. Those with fixed income: The amount of maintenance can generally be 20% -30% of the income. If the burden is on two or more children, the proportion can be increased appropriately, but generally it should not exceed 50% of the monthly income. Here, the total wages should include wages, fixed bonuses, etc. (The total amount cannot be determined solely by the amount of the payroll. For those who make false or concealed reports, the other party can apply for court investigation to determine the amount.)

2. Without fixed income: The number of childcare fees can be based on the income of the year or the average annual income of the same industry, and the proportion is the same as the first point. (This point is mostly based on the annual average person income and annual average living expenses determined by the Reference Standards for Road Traffic Accident Compensation Projects issued by the provincial and municipal traffic police departments.

3. For those with special circumstances: such as private business owners, children with disabilities, due consideration should be given to increase or decrease; the actual needs of children should be used as a guideline. The maintenance fee shall consist of the child s living expenses, education expenses, medical expenses and other expenses.

According to the relevant laws of China, the standard of maintenance is mainly determined by the existence of fixed income and other economic conditions. The determination of the standard of maintenance is also a relatively important matter.

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