3-year-old boy was beaten by mother and boyfriend. Is child abuse a domestic violence during cohabit

Recently, a 3-year-old child was beaten by his mother s co-boyfriend with a belt and burned with wine. There was no good place on the whole body. Although the mother and his family found Niu and transferred him to the police station, the child s body and mind had been seriously injured. In recent years, incidents of child abuse have been common in various places, which has brought serious harm to the growth of children. So, as adults, how can we protect children from abuse? How can we resolve the abuse of children?

Second, parents must have a calm and stable heart, do not panic when things happen, do not need to emotionally deal with things, and avoid accidentally causing abusive incidents to their children. Just like accepting millions of animals and plants in the world, to accept our millions of children with different temperament, we do not require our children to strictly regulate the children, but use our love to guide children to understand the norms and obey the norms.

Then, teachers and parents should give children sufficient psychological support and care. Communicate verbally and physically with the child. In the form of stories, the child can tell the child how to protect himself and how to self-solve the abuse. Pull into the relationship with the child through physical contact to make him feel that you are close to him. You can rely on it. You can assist him in resolving adverse events and situations, so that he does not feel isolated and helpless.

Finally, I don t understand how to guide naughty children and ask for help from a psychologist and childcare expert. Once the child has an adverse reaction, seek help from a psychologist in a timely manner.

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