8 years sentence for first offense can reduce sentence by several years

According to the relevant laws of our country, if the first crime is sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, the number of years that can be reduced due to meritorious performance or good performance depends on the specific performance, but the maximum is not more than 4 years.

Article 78 [Conditions and Limits of Reduction of Sentences] Criminals sentenced to controlled detention and sentenced to life imprisonment, during the implementation period, if they seriously abide by the supervision regulations, undergo education and reform, and indeed show repentance, or have performed meritorious deeds, they may be commuted; If one of the following major achievements is achieved, the sentence shall be reduced:

In the people s court, in accordance with the provisions of Article 50, paragraph 2 of this Law, criminals whose execution of the death sentence is suspended and whose sentence is suspended shall be reduced to life imprisonment according to law after the suspension of the sentence, and shall not be less than 25 years. For a term of imprisonment of 25 years, it shall not be less than 20 years.

1. When sentenced to a sentence of imprisonment (including those originally sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence and life imprisonment reduced to life imprisonment), the prisoner s district (sub-district) should conduct a collective study and put forward opinions, and pass the prison After review by the competent department, after the prison chief in charge has approved it, the prison proposes a written sentence reduction proposal and asks the local intermediate people s court to rule in accordance with the law.

2. For commutation of sentenced persons sentenced to two years suspended and serving life sentences, the prisoner s prison shall submit a written sentence reduction proposal, submit it to the Provincial Prison Administration for approval, and submit it to the Higher People s Court for a ruling.

According to the relevant laws of our country, if the first crime is sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, if there is meritorious deed or good performance, the sentence can be reduced depending on the specific performance, but the longest is no more than 4 years.

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