Beginning a will after 90s, the will process

A will is a promise of a testator to deal with production property in accordance with the law. The testator may designate all or part of his property to be inherited by a legal heir or other person according to his own wishes. This kind of legal act is a one-step legal act, without the consent of others, the will will take effect from the time of the death of the testator. So what is the process of making a will? The following is an answer by the editor of Hualu. com

The testator writes the content of the will. The testator should personally write the full text of the will, so that it can truly express the will of the testator and prevent others from falsifying, tampering with, and adding the content of the will.

The testator writes the year, month, day, and place on the will he wrote. The time at which a will is made has a certain effect on the validity of the will. If the content of different written wills conflicts, the later written will shall prevail. At the same time, the time of making a will sometimes proves the authenticity of the content of the will.

(2) If alterations, additions, or deletions are required in the will, the number of words for alterations, additions, or deletions shall be indicated next to the contents of the alterations, additions, or deletions, and a separate signature shall be made at the alterations, additions, or deletions.

There are five forms of making a will in accordance with Article 17 of China s Inheritance Law : notarized will, self-written will, proxy will, recorded will, and oral will. Different forms of wills have different legal effects. Let s take a look at what needs to be noted for each will.

Notarized will is a testament applied by the testator personally and processed by the national notary office; it is the most stringent and has the strongest proof method. A notarized will must be formed through strict notarization procedures.

A self-written will is a will written by the testator himself. The formal requirements for its establishment include: (1) It should be written by the testator himself, not by others. (2) It should be signed by the testator. ( 3) It should be dated.

Public Of the 5 legal forms, the legal effect of a notarized will is the highest. If there is no notarized will, the remaining 4 types of wills will be based on the last will made regardless of the form.

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