Can criminal reconciliation be applied to recidivists who have committed intentional harm after bein

1. The suspect (offender) must plead guilty. That is, a guilty plea is required. This is the first condition of the criminal reconciliation process, and it is also a channel for both parties to clear the emotional blockage. If the criminal suspect does not plead guilty, reconciliation cannot be conducted.

1. Judging from the conditions of the case, it can include some statutory criminal cases (such as some cases of illegal detention, extortion and extortion) and some cases where civil compensation can be attached. Major cases involving serious crimes, serious violations of national and public interests, recidivism, and cases that should be punished with multiple crimes are not applicable to reconciliation and can be resolved by other means.

2. From the perspective of the applicable object, it can be a minor, a negligent, a first offense, or an accidental one among adults. Among them, there are obvious contingencies and particularities in cases where there is a cause or the victim is obviously at fault, and the criminal suspect is a moment of anger and crime. Wherever possible, the application of the settlement procedure to the case will receive better results.

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