Can I apply to revoke the marriage if I am coerced?

According to Article 11 of the Marriage Law, a request by a party under coercion to revoke a marriage shall be filed within one year from the date of marriage registration. It was filed within one year from the date on which no revocation request was made after that time limit, and the marriage was deemed valid.

(2) The applicant who has the right to propose the revocation of the effect of marriage can only be the coerced person who is intimidated by marriage. This is because of the marriage concluded by coercion. When the coerced party concludes the marriage relationship, he cannot truly express his will, and the marriage relationship is against the will of the coerced party. In order to implement the basic principles of freedom of marriage, protect the lawful rights and interests of the parties, and enable the coerced party to fully express their will to marry, the Marriage Law stipulates that although the coerced marriage has already been established, the coerced party can still Submit an application to the marriage registration authority or the people s court to revoke the validity of their marriage. As the other party to the coercive marriage did not violate his true meaning of marriage when concluding the marriage relationship, in other words, he or she knew when he got married that he w ould marry the coerced party and was willing to marry him. The party who coerced the marriage did not file a claim to revoke the validity of the marriage after the marriage relationship was established.

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