Can you confiscate property without confession?

If he does not plead guilty and has no confession or zero confession, as long as there is objective evidence, the facts are clear, the evidence is indeed sufficient, and reasonable doubt is ruled out, he can still be sentenced according to legal crimes. Conversely, if there is only confession, no other objective evidence, or other evidence is insufficient, even if the defendant pleads guilty, he cannot be convicted and sentenced.

Article 53 The punishment of all cases shall be based on evidence, investigation and research, and not confessions of confession. If the defendant confesses and has no other evidence, the defendant cannot be found guilty and punished; if there is no defendant s confession and the evidence is true and sufficient, the defendant can be found guilty and punished. The evidence is firm and sufficient, and should meet the following conditions: (1) the facts of the conviction and sentencing are proven by evidence; (2) the evidence on which the verdict is based is verified by legal procedures; (3) the evidence of the whole case is comprehensive, Eliminate reasonable doubt.

Article 59 [Scope of confiscation of property] The confiscation of property is the confiscation of part or all of all the personal property of criminal elements. Where all property is confiscated, the necessary living expenses shall be reserved for the individual criminals and their dependents.

Regarding whether the relevant judicial regulations on the issue of confiscation of property can be omitted if you do not plead guilty, if you still want to know about the relevant regulations on confiscation of property, you can consult a more professional lawyer and the relevant legal department in person.

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