Do demolished houses belong to common property

If your home is in a rural area, your land and house may be requisitioned because of the construction of the city. Then, if you relocate during marriage, will the house you own belong to the common property?

1. Although the resettlement house or compensation money is the income obtained during the existence of the marriage relationship, it is actually a form of the right conversion of the property rights of the individual house. Explain that the acquisition of the resettlement house or compensation is based on the demolition of the individual real estate and based on the ownership of the demolished house. According to the extended theory of the real right effect of civil law, the resettlement house is a transformation form of the ownership of the original demolished house.

2. However, at present, when relocating a citizen s private house, the demolition department will compensate the demolished house in the form of cash or real estate, but the compensated real estate may exceed the original housing area. Note that if the excess area is equivalent to the original house s equivalent compensation, the resettlement house is completely the personal property of the original owner. The personal property identified as one party shall be regarded as the two parties adding value to the pre-marital house with the common property, and the added value shall be deemed as the common property of the husband and wife.

Generally speaking, if a house is demolished during marriage, it is generally the common property belonging to the husband and wife. This depends on some specific agreements between the two parties. The house obtained during the demolishment may be subject to a real estate certificate. Appreciation space is helpful, if you have other legal questions, you can consult the relevant lawyer.

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