Does an notarized will have legal effect?

A will does not need to be notarized to have legal effect. Notarization only strengthens the will s validity. As long as the will is the true intention of the heir, if it is not a self-written will, it will take effect if the requirements are met.

A notarized will is processed by the testator through a notary office. To perform notarization of a will requires the testator to apply in person to the notary office in the place where his household registration is located. If the testator is unable to personally go to a notary office for notarization of the will due to illness or other special reasons, he may ask the notary office to send a notary to the place of the testator. It is worth noting that if the testator wants to change or revoke the original notarized will, it must also be handled by the original notary office. feature:

The establishment of a will cannot be represented. A proxy testament must be signed by me and must be witnessed by two or more witnesses. Preparing materials: Property certificates (in the case of real estate, referring to the real estate ownership certificate, land use right certificate, deed certificate), household registration certificate and ID card, you can go to the notary office to apply. If a notary officer thinks that there is a defect in the civil capacity of the elderly, which may affect the validity of the will , the party will be required to provide a health certificate issued by a professional health institution. Processing time: If the materials are complete, the notary office will quickly arrange for the notary to handle it. During the process, the notary will ask the parties and make a transcript of the inquiry. If it is successful, it can be done in 1-2 hours. Fees: The notarization of a will generally costs 300-500 yuan.

The making of a will must be done by a person who has the ability to make a will. Those who meet the legal requirements are a legally valid will. The ability to be a will is called a will. In Hong Kong, the making of a will requires at least two non-beneficiaries as witnesses for the will to have legal effect. Generally speaking, one of the two witnesses will be the partner of the law firm who assisted in making the will, while the other will be the same industry Invited by the aforementioned lawyer (usually the partner of the neighboring law firm, but not the same Other partners in the law firm).

To sum up, the will must be made by the testator voluntarily. As long as this condition is met, it will have legal effect. In the case of a notarized will, which will ultimately be executed depends on the specific circumstances.

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