How much does it cost to notarize a prenuptial agreement

Nowadays, many men and women will make an agreement on their personal property or property obtained after marriage. This is a better way to avoid disputes over property issues in the future. Some people even take the prenuptial agreement for notarization during the insurance period. But this notarization will definitely charge a fee. How much is the cost of the pre-marital agreement notarization? The editor of will tell you immediately.

How much The amount of money required for the notarization of the pre-marital agreement is determined according to the specific regulations of each place and which property is to be notarized. The pre-nuptial agreement notarization in Shandong is carried out in accordance with the standards stipulated in the Shandong Provincial Price Bureau and Shandong Provincial Justice Department s Lufeifeifa [1998] No. 433 document.

Civil notarization: 150 yuan for civil agreement, 300 yuan for property relationship; 400-800 yuan for adoption relationship; 2% of beneficiary for property inheritance, gift, and will. -300 yuan; 400 yuan for proof of inventory; 400-2000 yuan for the inventory, liquidation, assessment and valuation of property; 100-400 yuan for the establishment, change, and suspension of civil legal acts.

Former Pre-marriage agreement refers to a legally binding written agreement signed by a man and a woman who are about to marry for marriage and will take effect after the marriage. The main purpose is to make an agreement on the scope of the property and debt of the two parties, as well as the realization of rights, so as to avoid disputes in the future in the event of divorce or the death of one party.

It is best to start preparing a prenuptial agreement a few months before you get married so that you don t conflict with picking your wedding flowers or writing your wedding vows to prepare a wedding reception. This will prevent you from signing the prenuptial agreement too hastily , so signing the prenuptial agreement in advance will not make you look like you are forcing your other half to sign the agreement, because the court may deny you because you are forcing someone to sign the agreement. Prenuptial agreement.

Consult a marriage counselor and financial planner in addition to a lawyer. Marriage counselors will help you deal with emotional issues, and your financial planning before finding a lawyer will help you find the most economical way to hire a lawyer.

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